Cecotec Conga Robot Smart Auto Vacuum Cleaner

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A 5-in-1 robot vacuum boasting autonomous navigation and convenient remote and app control. Features a vacuum port without a central brush to reduce entanglement risk, plus two side brushes for expanded range and two mops. Total Surface technology guarantees complete surfaces in up to 120 minutes of battery life. Furniture detection and height-level avoidance ensure thorough cleaning without any falls.

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    The Conga  080934 Robot Vacuum is a multifunctional machine – it simultaneously vacuums, mops, and sweeps. Its suction power of 1400 Pa and programmable mixed tank enable it to adjust to different needs. With 6 different modes, and a remote control, you can easily customize your cleaning experience.


    • Vacuum cleaner robot
    • Multifunction brush (bristle and silicone) 
    • Mixed tank (solids and liquids)
    • Remote control
    • 2 high efficiency filters
    • 2 Mops
    • 4 side brushes 
    • Self-cleaning brush
    • Charging base and power adapter
    • Manual