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LG Tone Free HBS FN6 In Ear Headphones – White

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  • True wireless
  • Battery life: up to 6 hours
  • Works with Siri / Google Assistant
  • iOS / Android compatible
  • Microphone / volume control

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From its innovative self-cleaning cradle to the highly sophisticated, Meridian developed sound, the LG TONE Free HSB-FN6 sets the standard for others to follow.

Premium sound, by Meridian
With over 40 years’ experience in high-end, digital audio, Meridian are one of the UK’s leading hi-fi companies. Pioneers in digital processing for speakers and lossless codec design, Meridian know more than most when it comes to digital music. Who better, then, to tune these LG TONE headphones to the highest standards – giving you premium sound across the board.

Feel like you’re ‘there’, with Headphone Spatial Processing
Meridian’s Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) overcomes the natural compromises that come with headphones, such as their small size and lack of distance between left and right. This sophisticated processing simulates the experience of listening to loudspeakers, with a much more open and expansive sound than you’d expect from headphones. It also enhances vocal clarity, letting you hear every breath for intensive listening.

Get the sound that suits – with Meridian EQ
As well as the standard Immersive mode, there are three other sound settings to choose from. Bass boost provides extra depth and is ideal for boosting your music’s punch. Treble Boost is perfect for when you need more clarity, such as listening to dialogue or when you’re in noisy surroundings. For the most lifelike sound, select Natural for a flat response and to hear the music just as the artist intended.

Feature packed
Download the TONE Free app to enjoy adjust the Meridian EQ and custom EQ modes. The app also lets you find your earphones by sending an audio ‘beep’ signal to them, from your smartphone. Automatic Ear Detection means the earphones sense when in place and immediately pair you’re your phone. They also pause the music when removed.

Seal the sound in and still remain safe – with Ambient Sound Mode
Close fit earbuds provide an effective seal, keeping out much of the surrounding world – letting you hear more music and less noise. For safety and convenience, Ambient Sound Mode lets you hear the outside world simply by tapping the earphones. This is handy for when having a quick conversation, listening to a travel announcement or simply crossing a road while being more aware of traffic.

UVnano charging cradle for a charge and clean
Earbuds gather bacteria that can cause ear infections. To help combat this, the UVnano case supplied with these earphones kills 99.9% of bacteria, every time you charge. The multi-function cradle carries, protects, charges and cleans, all at the same time.

Up to 18 hours playback
With enough power for two additional charges, the cradle extends playback time from 6 hours to a total of 18 hours. If time is tight, a quick five-minute charge gives you a whole hour of playback.

Resistant to sweat and rain
IPX4 rated against sweat and rain, the LG TONE Free FN6 earphones are ideal for working out, jogging or simply for when you’re walking but caught out by a rain shower.

Make calls with clarity
Featuring dual, built-in microphones, these earphones offer superior voice clarity. Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction technology further help in making yourself clearly heard and also in clearly hearing your caller.



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