Clock Radios

///Clock Radios
  • Roberts Chronoplus2 is the perfect bedside partner. With its large 1.4” LED display, you'll be able to easily check the time day or night. It has a dual alarm, meaning you can set one for yourself and one for a different time. With the automatic summer/winter setting you don't need to remember to change the clocks.

    • Mornings Made Easy : This clock radio has a huge amount of handy functions to make waking up in the morning that little bit easier, including, automatic instant time set, automatic summer/winter time, dual alarm with weekday and weekend options, plus an auto dimmer for when you turn in for the night.
    • Wake Up To Your Favourite Station :  The Roberts Chronoplus2 makes a great bedside companion, with multiple alarms, sleep & snooze timers, you can also wake to the radio or buzzer alarms.