Integrated Washer Dryers

///Integrated Washer Dryers
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    This integrated washer dryer can wash a full 7kg load in just 28 minutes. And, with the wash through dry programme, you can wash and dry up to five shirts in just 55 minutes.

    • High Spin Speed: The high spin speed helps to remove more water from the laundry, saving you time and money while drying.
    • Stylish Digital Display with Electronic Knob: The easy to use digital display shows the time remaining till the end of the programme as well as the time delay function.
    • Fast wash for full load - 8kg in only 28 min You no longer have to wait hours for your daily wash to be ready, with our Daily Quick programme
    • Anti Allergy Wash & Dry Programme: An anti-allergy wash & dry cycle, endorsed by Allergy UK, helps reduce the amount of allergens like cat, dog and pollen allergens.
    • Sensor drying programmes: The Sensor drying programmes identify the levels of moisture in the drum and automatically stop when the desired dryness level is achieved.
    • Child lock: Activating the Child Lock prevents the accidental changing of washing programmes by locking the buttons.
    • ProSmart Inverter Motor: The Pro-Smart Inverter Motor delivers improved energy efficiency, reduced noise levels and is more reliable compared to standard motors.
    • A energy rating: With an A energy rating, this washer dryer offers great performance with minimum energy consumption, saving you money on energy bills.
    • Fast Wash and Dry - 1kg in 60 min: This handy programme allows you to wash and dry up to 5 shirts in only 60 minutes, great for solving last minute clothing dilemmas.
    • Fast wash for small load - 2kg in 14 min: Quick wash programmes allow fast cleaning of smaller loads. Ideal for when you're in a hurry, the Xpress Super Short Programme.
    • Wash through Dry Programmes: Gives you maximum convenience. Simply put the laundry in, set the programme and once complete the washing will be clean and dry.
    • Woolmark Endorsed Woollens Programme: Precise water temperature and drum motion control provide a gentle washing for woollen clothing items that are machine washable.