Christmas Opening Hours | Spare A Thought For Retail Staff At Christmas :)

//Christmas Opening Hours | Spare A Thought For Retail Staff At Christmas :)

Christmas Opening Hours | Spare A Thought For Retail Staff At Christmas :)

#Christmas is a time of cheer, celebration & happiness …… We absolutely agree, but not just Christmas, here at Jack Fitzgerald Electrical we’d like to think that we’re cheerful & happy throughout the year, that said, it is true that the Christmas season brings it’s own challenges to those of us that work in retail. From the christmas music on an endless loop, we all love a festive tune but sometimes they just bring back memories of the time you were forced to listen to “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” every half hour for eight hours a day. Or the stress that the stock of this year’s most ‘sought after’ gift are dwindling fast. Or the seemingly never ending queues. Or the complete mess that the showroom appears to be in, even after you’ve JUST tidied everything. Or the challenge of trying to help that stressed, desperate last-minute shopper. Yes, these are all challenges for the retail worker, but we try to accept all these with a smile on our faces and endeavour to help our customer in any way we can 🙂

Could we suggest maybe, that you might spare a thought for our staff, who despite being under this added pressure, will always aim to help you, our customer with whatever query you may have. It is with this in mind, and knowing that some of our staff will be working extra hours away from their families, and to allow us to say ‘Thank You’ and show our appreciation to them, that we decide each year to remain closed until after New Year’s Day. We understand that this may result in a loss of some sales, but we also believe that Christmas is a time to be spent surrounded by family, friends & those closest to you, and by remaining closed this allows our staff to do just that 🙂 We hope you can understand our decision and why we do it, and we look forward to welcoming you all back to Jack Fitzgerald Electrical in 2018, re-energised after a relaxing christmas with our families.

Please see below our Opening Hours for Christmas 2017


Have a look at some GIF’s from the guys at BuzzFeed about the Retail Worker at Christmas 🙂

“I need that thing. You know the one? With the thing that does the thing. Come on, you know it…”

Literally what are you even saying?

“Wow it’s really busy in here!”

No shit.

“I know you guys close at 5pm, but I’m on my way now and I’ll be there around 10 past 5. Do you think you could stay open for me? I’ll be really quick.”

“Don’t you have any more out the back?”


“Can you just double-check anyway?”

Sure. I might be awhile, get comfy.

“Can you get one in for me before Christmas?”

... It's Dec. 23. Do you think I'm Sabrina, from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch?!

“I really need [out of stock item], though!”

I don't know what to tell you.

“I know you’re on your way out but can you just help me find one thing?”

“I’ve been waiting a really long time!”

And you're the only one.

  “Can’t you just sell me one of the ones that are on hold?”

Sure, because you're worth my getting fired.

 “You see, I just need this more than whoever has it on hold because…[long-winded, rambling, time-wasting story].”

“Why do I have to wait for someone else to help me? Can’t YOU just help me?”

No, I can't. Would you ask someone in the beauty department to help you buy a fridge? I'm not trained to help you with your question — it's a different department.

“Why don’t you have any of [unavailable item]?”

It's Christmas. You weren't the only one who wanted one. We sold out.

 “That line is too long, I’m not waiting. Can’t you just put me through now?”

I'm working my ass off; it's not my fault you waited until Christmas Eve to buy this year's most coveted gift list item. And even if it was, maybe teach your kid not to be so materialistic kthxbye.

“Is anyone actually working around here?”

Yes, I'm working really hard on staying calm and not punching you in the back of the neck, thankyouverymuch.

“Hi I need to return this. I don’t want it anymore. I don’t have a receipt. I’d like it back in cash, thanks.”

So what you're saying is "I want to return this despite having no evidence I purchased it from your store, no valid reason for return, and you won't take store credit." This won't be difficult to process, at all.

“I know, I know you’re closing but I just need help finding these 15 items on my shopping list. Can you help me?”

"I don't remember a time when I wasn't in this store anymore but sure I'd love to."
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